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Pooja Services


Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshat Param Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namah

Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He manifests and sustains knowledge, and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru.

"With each step taken by a devotee towards Guru, the Guru takes many more steps towards the devotee to guide him in the course of his journey both mundane and spiritual. And what is this journey? It is a journey where you begin to unlearn all that you have learnt, you begin to lose rather than gain, you begin to give rather than take, you begin to accept rather than react and you begin to Be rather than become" - Sri Swamiji.
Swamiji is extraordinary. He is simple, loving and giving to a degree that is impossible to imitate by any humans. His unconditional and boundless love extends to all living beings, in fact to all creation. Those who come under Swamiji's influence get transformed. They themselves become more loving and giving, less self-centered, less greedy, less obsessed with fleeting worldly pleasures, less concerned with money, possessions, fame and power and less prone to anxiety and stress. Their health improves, their problems diminish, their joy increases. They learn to gracefully accept a lot in their life. They feel contended and happy. They begin to radiate peace.
It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to be able to partake and carryout Sadguru Sri Swamiji's activities in upholding righteousness and restoring world peace.
Sri Swamiji has bestowed a marvelous opportunity to be able to participate in His activities to serve the mankind by contributing any amount to Guru Seva and seek His divine blessings.
Some of His missions include :

  • Actively participate in Social, Cultural, Religious and Spiritual services across the world
  • Renovation and adaptation of old Temples
  • Promote Annadana in Ashrama branches
  • Restoration of Human Dharma (conduct of righteousness)
  • Contribute to World peace by embracing Universal brotherhood
  • Offer Health care services to the needy
  • Preserving Vedic Dharma and Culture

Sri Bhuyuta Sri Hari Cihnitabhyam
Agastya Rekhadibhi Ranchitabhyam
Nigudha Bijakshara Mudritabhyam
Namo Namaha Sadguru Padukabhyam

Please take this opportunity to contribute generously to the lotus feet of Sadguru Sri Swamiji and obtain His divine grace and blessings. This Guru Seva contribution you make will directly reach the lotus feet of His Holiness Sri Swamiji.


The various pujas or sevas that are conducted in the name of the sponsors include:
Ksheera Abhishekam - 6 AM
Every morning ablution will be offered to Dattatreya with milk. Milk symbolizes knowledge. To attain divine knowledge, milk Abhishekam is performed every day.

Alankara Seva - 7 AM
Dattatreya is adorned with flowers and the special clothes daily. Devotees can offer specially made garlands or special clothes. However on other occasions - butter, vibhuti, turmeric powder, sandal paste, coins, rudraksha and kumkuma etc. are used for decoration.

Sahasranama Archana -
7 AM
Chanting 1000 Names (Synonyms) of Dattatreya, Archana is offered thrice a day. “Nama Smarana is the best and easiest way to salvation” Sri Swamiji says.

Datta Bhiksha -
12 Noon
It is stated in Datta Purana that Dattatreya trots the world seeking alms in various disguise in the noon to alleviate our hardships. Therefore Maha

will be offered to Dattatreya and the Prasadam (Meals) will be served to all.

Taila Abhishekam -
12 Noon on Sunday
Ablution with Gingerly oil is offered to Lord Dattatreya. Taila (Oil) symbolizes Karma and worldly bondage. By offering this seva, we seek to remove the bad effects of karma and the attachment and there by attain Suddha Jnana (Pure Knowledge). Apart from this, the medicinal property of the oil is that it is very useful for people suffering from Rheumatic pains.

Poornima Utsavam - On Full Moon Day

Poornima or Full Moon Day has special significance to Dattatreya. On this day Dattatreya Utsava Murty (Ceremonial Idol) will be taken around in Ashrama in a palanquin or chariot in a grand procession. This is followed by Maha Mangala Arati, Archana, Ashtavadhana seva (Chanting Mantras from four Vedas & other scriptures), Kakada Arati and distribution of Prasadam.

Go Puja-
8 AM
Cow is the holiest of all the animals and the symbolic abode to all the deities, according to the scriptures. Dattatreya’s companion is the celestial Kamadhenu. Hence, Go Puja is performed everyday by offering fodder and fruits.

Akala Moksha Stupa Puja- 12:30
This special service is offered to a Terracotta Idol, built in Kerala Style (according to Kularnava Tantra) in Moolika Vanam ( Herbal Garden) after Datta Bhiksha. This puja is offered for the liberation of souls who died due to unnatural causes.

Kakada Aarati- 7:30 PM

This is the last Seva to Datta every day. While singing one of the 7 special compositions (one for each day of the week) of Sri Swamiji, 16 lamps will be lit and the Aarati is offered. These sixteen lamps signify the 16 Incarnations (Shodasha Avataras) of Dattatreya. By offering Aarati, Dattatreya is worshipped through the subtle form of Jyoti (flame of the lamp) and the Gross form of Idol.
In addition to the consecration of Lord Dattatreya, who is the presiding deity of Datta Peetham, Mysore, Sri Swamiji has consecrated Sachchidanandeswara Siva Lingam, Lakshmi Narasimha, Ganapathi, Viswesara, Visalakshi & Subramanya Deities.

NOTE: Pujas are performed as per the Datta Peetham tradition. The time table mentioned is indicative and may be adapted to meet the day’s requirement”