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Social Service Projects
(Manava Seva


"Manava Seva is Madhava Seva"
Service to Humanity is Service to God.

"At the end of life we shall not be asked
How much pleasure we had in it, but how much service we gave to it;
Not how full it was of success, but how full it was of sacrifice;
Not how happy we were, but how helpful we were;
Not how much ambition was gratified, but how Love was served"
- An excerpt from Sri Swamiji's speeches.

In this light, Sri Swamiji makes it a part of the mission of the Avadhoota Datta Peetham to provide service to the poor and the needy. Sri Swamiji has emphasized many times that spiritual life is not only meditation; it also includes service to those in need. This frame of mind, to work without personal gain and to surrender the fruits of one's actions to God, is called Karma Yoga. It is through the practice of Karma Yoga that the sense of "I", i.e. "I am the doer, "I am the enjoyer", "I am the sufferer" etc., is removed and is replaced by the realization that all creation, including one's self, is the manifestation of the one Supreme "I". Through the social services of the Peetham, Sri Swamiji has provided not only physical help to those in need, but also a way to uplift them spiritually.
Avadhoota Datta Peetham and its many branches under Sri Swamiji's guidance have supported numerous social projects since they were founded.

The SGS Hospital, HolisticHealthCenter located in the premises of the Peetham caters to the medical needs of the poor and needy. In addition there is also a mobile hospital, which regularly visits villages that lack medical facilities. The Medical Services available at the Hospital include Ayurvedic out patient and in patient treatment facilities (ancient Indian system of medicine), Allopathic out patient services, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Cataract Operation Programs, Diabetes Detection Programs and Clinical Laboratory Services, Regular Medical Check up camps and Free Dispensary. The Hospital also runs a Music Therapy research unit.

There is also an Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Unit which is engaged in preparing medicines in a traditional way. These medicines prepared here are put to use in the Ashram dispensary.
Further, Datta Peetham has taken the service motto in the following areas

  • Ambulances to small towns for emergency medical assistance
  • Construction of toilet facilities in schools in impoverished areas
  • Assist scholars to publish their works
  • Conduct mass marriages of poor in backward areas
  • Conduct Kriya Yoga camps in prisons to improve their quality of thought
  • Grant scholarships to students and scholars
  • Assist reconstruction of dilapidated temples
  • Donate furniture to schools
  • Free medical services (free advice and medicines where available) are being given in all branches of Ashrama.
  • Ammavodi located at Hyderabad, a home for destitute aged women is a shelter to elderly women who have no one to care.
  • Gift equipment like calipers, wheel chairs to physically handicapped.
  • Gift tools such as Sewing machines etc, for self-employment of women.
  • Assist other organizations financially and offering skill set.


Other Social Organizations & Projects by Datta Peetham

Donation of any amount to support the schools run by SGS Vidya Samsthe of Avadhoota Datta Peetham.

Donation of any amount to support the hospital and medical activities of Avadhoota Datta Peetham.

SCHOOL FOR COMMUNICATION IMPAIRED CHILDREN - Donating any amount to support the school run by Avadhoota Datta Peetham.

A donation of Rs.10, 000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) to commemorate and support the completion of twenty five years of Veda school in the Ashram.

- This traditional school teaches Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda and related Sanskrit studies and priest training. More than 150 students are learning this ancient knowledge. The school is run in the Mysore Ashrama premises and is run under traditional Guru Kula system. Annual camps are held for women to learn the basic Puja (priest training). People from the backward communities are also trained in to the Puja courses (priest training) to support the temples in their local areas. Another Yajur Veda School is also run in Peethapuram town in Andhra Pradesh state. Annual exams are conducted in all the four Vedas and Priest training courses. Examiners are invited form all over the country and students are awarded certificates and remuneration.

Home for destitute aged women- The project envisages a total capacity to assist and help 200 elderly women. Sri Swamiji's divine vision of offering comfort and care for the destitute elderly women.

TEMPLE PROJECTS -Datta Peetham has constructed 8 temples (so far) in the Dalit communities of Mysore and Hunsur town. On 10th June 2009, Ashrama hosted a conference for the Dalits in Mysore Ashrama. Datta Peetham offered financial support to 125 Dalit children for their schooling and college.

Here is a great opportunity bestowed upon by Sri Swamiji on everybody. Donate generously and participate in these various social service programs and obtain eternal blessing of Sadguru Sri Swamiji. You can contribute any amount to these social service projects. All proceeds will go towards the social project activities as directed by Sri Swamiji.


Required essential particulars of the sponsor: Name, Age, Gender, Address, Email ID, Telephone number (landline and/or mobile), Latest Photograph, Amount, Mode of Payment (cash/money order/ mail transfer/ Cheque / Demand draft / ECS / Debit card/ Credit Card etc.), and Pan Card Number (if available)

All donations made to these projects are eligible for tax exemption under the Income tax act 80G of Govt. of India.