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SGS Datta Seva

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Avadhoota Datta Peetham founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has been a center for promoting various spiritual, social, cultural and charitable activities that include-

  1. Feeding the poor.
  2. Supporting relief projects like flood relief, Tsunami etc.
  3. Establish schools for Vedic sciences as well as modern education. E.g. Veda Pathashaala
  4. Special schools for the children with differential ability (e.g. communication impaired children). E.g. Vagdevi School for communication impaired children, Bangalore.
  5. Orphan homes for supporting and training street children.
  6. Old age homes and home for the destitute. E.g. Ammavodi
  7. Hospitals and mobile clinics in remote areas for the poor and needy people.
  8. Donating ambulances to the departments in public service.
  9. Renovation of dilapidated temples.
  10. Promoting and encouraging arts and culture by honoring personalities in various fields with titles such as Veda Nidhi, Shastra Nidhi, and Nada Nidhi etc.

    His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has envisaged this unique SGSDATTASEVA membership scheme to enable one and all to participate in all these social service activities supported by Avadhoota Datta Peetham. A part of this fund would also be used for the maintenance of the Ashram and its various branches.

    One can become a member by donating Rs.5/- per day payable annually (Rs.1825/- Rupees Eighteen Hundred and twenty five only), semiannually, quarterly or monthly.


Shashwata Seva (Permanent Sponsorship/ Membership)

Avadhoota Datta Peetham founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has been a center for promoting various spiritual, social, cultural and charitable activities.  It has been a place where many find solace, peace of mind and tranquility. It has also appeased the intellect of many seekers in the path of spiritual wisdom through its multifarious activities efficiently designed by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, to suit the changing times and needs of the present day man. Adopting all the traditional paths of Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Yoga, Sri Swamiji has been able to quench the thirst of many a seekers as well as promote both Veda and Nada that essentially form the two wheels of the chariot of Indian Philosophy.
Shashwata Seva is a permanent membership scheme in Avadhoota Datta Peetham. It has been envisaged by His Holiness Sri Swamiji to enable a devotee to perform all the worshipful activities on a particular day of the sponsors’ choice to all the shrines in Avadhoota Datta Peetham. The rituals shall be performed as per the tradition of the Peetham.

On payment of Rs.100, 000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) one time or in installments, one becomes a life time member of the Peetham in this scheme. On a particular day selected by that individual every year, all the rituals to all the deities in the Peetham will be performed seeking blessings for their family. These rituals include Gopuja (cow pooja), milk abhishekam to Lord Datta and archana, srichakra pooja, homa, annadaana, kakada aarati etc. of the whole day. Further this service opportunity will also accrue the benefits to the sponsor, of participation in the innumerable social service activities of the Peetham being privileged members of the Peetham. All these members would be eligible to receive a Shashwata Seva Membership card.
 Devotees can choose any day in the calendar year for this Seva to be performed. They can choose birthday, marriage day, parent's marriage day or child's birthday etc. for performing the seva. The date can be according to the Gregorian calendar or Indian calendar. Every year on the chosen day, the sponsors will be able to partake in the all the designated Sevas. If the sponsors cannot be physically present on the chosen day, the sevas will be performed on their behalf and the prasadam will be mailed to the provided address.

Pujya Sri Swamiji has further given the consent that one may perform this service on his/her own name or on the name of Guru and Guru Parampara (lineage of Swamiji). Members who enroll for more than one Shashwata Seva will be called PATRONS. His Holiness has graced that all these members with a personal photograph with Him in due course of time. Further Sri Swamiji would be sending blessing emails to these devotees provided they give their valid email IDs and consent to receive such mails.

Kriya Yoga

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Kriya Yoga involves learning breath control (Pranayama) to effectively channeling the flow of Prana (life force) which traverses the 72,000 Nadis or astral nerves in the human body. By doing so the aspirant learns to direct mental power to canalize the energy in the three Nadis, and remove the knots in the nervous system, which obstruct the rhythmic flow of Prana. By undoing these knots a Kriya yogi opens the path for Kundalini energy to flow. According to Markandeya Purana, Kriya Yoga was revealed by Lord Dattatreya to great saints and yogis of ancient India. Sri Swamiji has made it an inseparable part of His mission to revive this ancient knowledge and bring it to everyone. He has been actively propagating the benefits of Kriya Yoga to millions of people. Many have been trained in this process of Kriya Yoga and are reaping its material and spiritual benefits. Kriya Yoga helps aspirants to learn to activate and control their senses and to control their thought processes.

Kriya Yoga is the way which leads to realization by refining the senses and getting control over them through mental exercises and pranayamas (breath control).

Kriya Yoga is not just learning Pranayama (breathing techniques) but also several aspects that improve healthful living. It involves teachings about good and moral based life, developing love for nation, developing a spirit of sacrifice to help others, developing Sattvic eating habits. It is very useful module for everybody especially in today's tension filled lives. It is an encapsulated approach that answers several issues of our day to day life.
Kriya Yoga is a way of life and not just knowledge or practice for an hour or so. It is a continuous phenomenon. It enables one to experience that the same energy that drives the Universe also drives each of us. It establishes a link between the individual self and the Supreme self and expands the horizons of the individual to infinity. Age, Gender, Religion, Caste or Creed is no bar to enter into Yoga.” - Sri Swamiji Says.

Pranayama is the key to kriya yoga. We are breathing every moment indiscriminately without knowing that our breath is the vital energy. We live so long as our breath is there. By indiscriminate breathing we waste our energy. The same breath which we take day in and day out, when consciously seen through the mind and regulated through Pranayama, no longer remains breath in the physical sense of the term. Instead, it becomes instantaneously a spiritual energy. The effect of our breath on nervous system is totally different depending on whether we are "physically" breathing or whether we have spiritualized our breath. The same thing (Breath) which without yogic understanding was physical, when properly guarded, respected and regulated through principles of Pranayama (kriya yoga), becomes spiritual energy, and our life thereafter takes a yogic stance. All this looks very easy, but it is extremely subtle. What all we have to do is to spiritualize our breath. Breathing, as such, is physical but Pranayama is spiritual. Their common denominator is the "air principle" [vayu tatva]. Our ultimate goal in Pranayama is to quiet the mind and experience Bliss.

The goal of all Yoga is to unite Man with God. But the paths are many and seemingly confusing. Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nadopasana, Kundalini Yoga etc. These are but few, and only a Master can explain their depths and differences.

"Long breath, Long life. Short breath, Short life… A long breath, a long Pranayama is beneficial for our nervous system and mental balance… Whoever practices long breathing will not be tired at all. Those with a short breath will become tired."
- Sri Swamiji

"Many people are impressed by the effect of Pranayama in balancing the mind. Every body faces problems related to health, wealth, office, children, house etc., we get upset, irritated, disappointed, and angry which depletes our energy. Then our nervous system works hard and our heart pumps rapidly wasting our precious energy. Through Pranayama, one can control breath, senses, food and other actions." - Sri Swamiji

Sri Swamiji has bestowed a marvelous opportunity to be able to participate in promoting these ancient Kriya Yoga techniques and educate more people on the benefits of Kriya Yoga in their day to day life. Please contribute generously any amount for the propagation of Kriya Yoga and seek Sri Swamiji’s divine blessings.

Bhakti Mala

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Bhaktimala (a garland of devotion) is a spiritual monthly magazine published in Telugu, Kannada and English languages by the Bhaktimala trust. It gives a detail report of the various activities of Avadhoota Datta Peetham and the tour reports of Sri Swamiji.  It also contains the divine messages of Sri Swamiji and topics of spiritual interest to children, novice and the knowledgeable.

This monthly publication from SGS Ashrama elaborates on the current events with detailed reports on Sri Swamiji’s recent tours and announces upcoming programs. In addition Bhakti Mala publishes periodic articles on various spiritual topics, sequence of lessons on Vedanta, moral stories for children, quizzes on various ancient scripts etc. Bhakti mala also publishes reports on various social service activities conducted by Avadhoota Datta Peetham and the ashram branches every month in addition to the events being held in all branches. It publishes the experiences of devotees with Sri Swamiji and contains many answers to everyday questions from the inquisitive readers. In a nut shell, this Ashrama news magazine is a one handy magazine for ever devotee to have, to know all the details related to Sri Swamiji’s various activities and teachings.

“Whoever reads Bhakti Mala is a friend of mine. All of you should subscribe on Bhakti Mala in a language which you can understand. Lots of people wish to read Swamiji's teachings”
, Sri Swamiji has said during the silver jubilee celebrations of Bhakti mala in June 2002.
“Bhakti Mala is the boat by which you can cross the ocean of Samsara. Please take membership, for your future and for your children, build a library in your house. It's a big jewel for you. You know what Bhakti Mala means? "Bhakti Garland" - "Devotion Garland" - So many articles are in there for everyone. Give donation to this Bhakti Mala! Reserve Bhakti Mala for your library”, Sri Swamiji says.

You can receive a copy Bhakti Mala every month by enrolling and becoming a member of the Bhakti Mala trust.

 Subscription details for devotees in India:
CHIEF PATRON – Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only)
PATRONS – Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only)
DONORS – Rs. 2,000/-
(Rupees Two thousand only)
(Rupees Three Hundred and Fifty only)
(Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only)

Subscription details for devotees outside India:


Please send subscription by Cheque (with additional clearing charges of Rs.25) or Bank Draft payable to “Bhakti Mala Trust” and post it to

Subscriptions- Bhakti Mala
Avadhoota Datta Peetham
SGS Ashrama
Datta Nagar
Mysore 570025- INDIA

Email –

Other Memberships and Subscriptions

  1. VISHWAM MEUSEUM MEMBERSHIP- A donation of Rs.1100/- (Rupees One thousand and One hundred only) will enable the sponsor to become a member of the Vishwam Museum, a rare collection of various items of interest in the premises of Avadhoota Datta Peetham Mysore.
  2. BONSAI GARDEN MEMBERSHIP- A donation of Rs.1100/- (Rupees One thousand and One hundred only) will enable the sponsor to become a member of the Kishkindha Moolika Bonsai Garden, a rare collection of nearly 400 species of medicinal plants carefully nurtured and maintained by His Holiness Sri Swamiji in Avadhoota Datta Peetham Mysore.
  3. BONSAI PLANT ADOPTION- Sri Swamiji has also permitted adoption scheme of these plants. Sponsorship for adoption of one plant for a period of six months Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three thousand only) or one year Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five thousand only). A photo graph of the donor with the plant will be taken and displayed on the website for the duration of sponsorship. Visit
  4. VEDA NIDHI – A donation of Rs. 7200/- per annum to sponsor the education of one Veda boy per year (@Rs.600/- per month)
  5. VEDA NIDHI PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP- A donation of Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) enables a sponsor to become a permanent member of the activities supporting the propagation of the Vedic Activities of Avadhoota Datta Peetham.
  6. SHASHWATA ANNADANAM- A donation of Rs.3000/- (Rupees Three thousand only) to sponsor free feeding on one particular day of choice of the sponsor.
  7. ANNAPOORNA MANDIRAM CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE – Donation of any amount for the extension and maintenance of Annapoorna mandiram.
  8. GENERAL DONATION – Donation of any amount to the corpus fund of Avadhoota Datta Peetham.

Required essential particulars of the sponsor: Name, Age, Gender, Address, Email ID, Telephone number (landline and/or mobile), Latest Photograph, Amount, Mode of Payment (cash/money order/ mail transfer/ Cheque / Demand draft / ECS / Debit card/ Credit Card etc.), and Pan Card Number (if available)

All donations made to these projects are eligible for tax exemption under the Income tax act 80G of Govt. of India.